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Celebrity provides a vast array of choices that let your passions lead the way for you to dive into fun with an expansive onboard activities program. Partnerships with some of the world’s most well-known companies bring you the ultimate in onboard experiences. Celebrity is the first authorized Apple® reseller at sea. There’s Riedel® and Smithsonian Journeys. Rosetta® Stone and The Corning Museum of Glass. OK. Maybe a bit of name-dropping. But wouldn’t you?  
With a list of exhilarating activities involving such renowned brands, there’s something to please everyone.

[email protected]
Celebrity Century®, Celebrity Xpedition®, and Celebrity Constellation® feature [email protected]SM, an Internet lounge that provides e-mail services and Internet access 24 hours a day. It also offers DigITal, a program that will help you make the most of computer and smart phone technology through group and individual instruction.

Celebrity iLoungeSM
This is Celebrity's chic, new approach to the Internet lounge that's also the first Authorized Apple® Reseller at Sea. It's the modern way to connect while onboard. Here, you'll find state-of-the-art workstations featuring MacBook Pros® and iMacs® where you can take a class, check your email, surf the web or print a boarding pass. Certified staff will help you master the latest audio and video products. Learn how to get the most from the hippest tech devices, like the iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch®, and MacBook Pro®. And, if you like, you can purchase some of these items on your cruise. Celebrity iLounge is available on most ships.

From morning until night, there are literally hundreds of different activities happening on a Celebrity cruise ship.So how do you find out about them? And more importantly, which ones would be right for you?
They've divided them into different categories-Taste, Learn, Revive and Play.

Taste the promise of a delicious vacation.
If you have a passion for food, wine, and spirits-Celebrity has a menu of activities you're sure to love. Experience just how robust life at sea can be.

Celebrity's Wine Experience
Become a knowledgeable wine enthusiast before you disembark with Celebrity's Wine Experience. Learn the basics in Wine Appreciation; savor 12 different wines in Walk Around the World; attend onboard tasting events; or discover the secrets of pairing wine and use of proper glassware at the Riedel Comparative Wine Crystal Workshop.

Learn something new – and rediscover yourself.
If you're passionate about energizing your gray matter, while having fun, discover an assortment of activities designed to spark your intellectual curiosity.

Celebrity iLearn
Learn how to turn your digital photos and movies into artistic masterpieces. Find out how easy it is to download, listen to, and organize audio and digital books, music and pod casts. Discover how quickly you can create a website to document your travels, or write a blog to share your thoughts. And once you've mastered the fundamentals, they offer advanced versions of each program so you can take your newfound skills to the next level. Expand your skills from any of 18 custom-created courses with one of the Celebrity iLounge Managers.

Hot Glass ShowSM
Taking the onboard experience to an entirely new level, Celebrity Cruises is pleased to announce the addition of Hollywood Hot Glass onboard their award win

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